You Build Computers you Say?

YES folks, the crafty technicians at Living with IT can build you a customised PC AND then load it up with your software, transfer your data, connect your internet and printer, run your antivirus and test everything.
We listen to your needs and budget and come back with a quote.
WHY buy a computer this way? Well it seems that there are major retailers out there selling, well, crap PC’s that are not lasting more than 3 years. So here’s a few benefits of ours:
12 Month Warranty
If something goes wrong you call us and we get it fixed with little downtime
We know every part that goes into the computer.
We buy our components locally and we LOVE to support LOCAL businesses
We offer a FREE 5 minute help desk for six months after your purchase for those little niggly IT questions you might have.
We also load up a lot of FREE software as well, just as an added bonus
So remember LIVING WITH IT when you are in the market for buying a new PC or laptop (we can source the right one for you)

Cheers Paula Brand and the team

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