The 10 Most Annoying Things Customers Say

  1. “It’s cheaper at another store”

Then shop there. I don’t set prices, so please don’t try to haggle like this is a flea market.

9 “Your light isn’t on”

Yes I’m aware, but I’ll help you anyway.

8 “They did it for me last time”

Who are “they”, because it certainly wasn’t me.

7.“Are there more in the back?”

No. The “back” isn’t a magical place that produces whatever we demand

6.“You don’t have what I need”.

This is usually in response to “did you find everything?” and includes some long story about what they do need, followed by an awkward response as the cashier pretends to care. Next time, just smile and say yes.

5. “Are you open?”

Do you see me helping anyone? No? Then yes I am “open,” as weird as that sounds.

4.“You look like you need something to do”.

Winner, winner! You’re the 1,000th customer to say this to me today!

3.“You look bored”.

Because I am. Now let me ring your items up so you can be on your way.

2. “Wake up time to work”.

You might as well be asleep while standing around for hours and making awkward small-talk, yawn.

1. “It must be FREE”..Oh, because it didn’t scan? Insert fake laugh here…

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