Computer Repairs & Problems Don't Need to be Stressful.

At Living With IT, we understand how it feels when your computer isn't working. Computer repairs need to happen fast & by someone who explains - in a non-geek fashion- what needs to happen to fix your problem. Now you can relax & take a deep breath.
We are here to HELP you achieve a cost effective, timely and correct FIX every time EASY!
You've found a NO FUSS, PERSONALISED SERVICE that goes beyond the norm.



Mobile across the Gold Coast. Book Your Job Here!! Our service? It’s Personal. Living with IT Pty Ltd Unit 6/5 Christine Avenue, Miami QLD 4220 Phone: 0475 411 793 Email: If you are not satisfied with your service: Please call 0475 411 793 for resolution. We stand behind our support services for 5 days. If […]

Computer Repairs

  Remote, Phone, Mobile or Onsite Computer Repairs across the Gold Coast. REMOTE IN SERVICE When you are in a hurry or cannot stop your day’s work or play, then please use our Remote In service. We use Log Me In to access your computer remotely. You confirm your job by text, your time is […]


Living with IT – a company committed to making Fixing Computer & IT Problems Easy. Paula Brand, the Owner & Director of Living with IT has worked in the IT industry to promote the first computer games development Diploma in Australia. She has run the Queensland Women in IT Association and ran the Queensland IT […]

We love to see YOU happy

We ZEN Your Computer Frustrations! We speak your language and calm your I.T. distress. And we are here when you need us...protecting your valuable personal & business information. Our technicians dress well, smell nice & are house trained!! 🙂 We respect your boundaries & time priorities, providing you honest straight forward advice. And we ALWAYS go beyond the NORM. We don't just fix and walk away, we become your I.T. support so you can get on with living.

Experience a hassle free pick up and drop off service for offsite repairs! Mobile, onsite, remote across the Gold Coast.

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We understand your urgency to get your computer fixed. Book your computer repair in now, we will call you as soon as we can. Once we understand your requirements we will provide you with clear pricing and repair time frames.

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We are passionate about Computer Repairs, Sales and IT Support.

Let our hand-picked experienced team assist you to fix your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile quickly. Onsite, Offsite and Remote across the Gold Coast.
Your Computer problems are fixed where it suits you.We are here to HELP you achieve a cost effective, timely and correct FIX every time EASY!


When you call Living with IT, we patiently listen to your problems, just say it in your own words to explain it the best way you can.
We reassure you and support you through this process. A job sheet is written up & your personal technician calls you.
They will introduce themselves and confirm the date and time of your job. During this call they may ask you some further questions.
A time is booked and the decision is made to support you with - Remote, Onsite or Offsite. This depends on how urgent your job is and what your problem is.
Our technicians are very experienced, well dressed and talk to you with respect.
They will patiently provide you with good information so you can make the right decisions.