Managed IT Service

Regular IT Maintenance Minimises Your Risk.

A monthly maintenance service Ideal for Home based and small to medium businesses
Service can be done for computers/laptops via remote access or onsite access
Most work can be done remotely and can be performed during business hours (or after hours to avoid interrupting your day to day business).
Performing the tasks after hours during the week or over the weekend minimizes downtime which most people prefer.

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Maintenance tasks performed include (but are not limited to):

  • System updates for windows and updates for other applications installed.
  • Clean up of all temp files, histories, cookies, unwanted/malicious applications, infectious toolbars and various other problems.
  • A check of hard drive space (free and used space) and a quick check of backup logs (if implemented) to ensure all running properly.
  • A check of system integrity, services and security (firewall and network).
  • A check of all the systems devices and fixes/updates for drivers as required.
  • Manual removal of problems found (virus/malware/spyware) and full system scans using appropriate software for each.
  • We shut the machines down for the customer when finished // or we can setup a shutdown script to automatically do it at a set time.
  • An onsite visit every 3 to 6 months is recommended to allow a proper system clean be performed to ensure devices don’t overheat due to dust etc.

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