How to Network Effectively in a CROWDED NOISY Room – 3 Simple Tips

The 1st step is to approach the event with a targeted resolve. This means to already have who you would like to meet in mind when walking through the door. This is important for the reason that you don’t want to waste time especially in a crowded room where certain closeness aspects aren’t available. Make sure that you very carefully avoid shouting in people’s ears when trying to be heard while carrying out this step. You simply must accomplish this 1st step completely and properly, if you don’t then you could be giving the wrong impression or even causing ear damage.

The 2nd step is to shake firmly and have a brief introduction already prepared. This should be brief and clear enough to get your point across and exchange cards when needed. Make sure you avoid not making a warm and professional impression and likewise appearing overwhelmed by the rapid and noisy activity in the room.

The 3rd step is to “get in” and “get out” quickly but effectively when interacting. If the event were less crowded and noisy you could be a bit more detailed and intimate with your conversations but you will have to adjust to this environment. This can be very important since you are still “working” and want to make this time useful and productive. Be careful to avoid the error of choosing quantity over quality when finding who to talk to and how long. Use your good judgement.

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