Computer & IT Services

We are passionate about Computer & IT Services…whether it be Repairs, Sales and IT Support
Let our hand-picked experienced team assist you
Onsite, Offsite and Remote Service across the Gold Coast.

Call us today on   0475 411 793

Call us today on   0475 411 793

When you call Living with IT, we patiently listen to your problems, just say it in your own words to explain it the best way you can.
We reassure you and support you through this process.
A job sheet is then written up
Your personal technician then calls you to introduce themselves and confirm the date and time of the job. During this call they may ask you some further questions.
A time is booked and the initial decision is made to support you with – Remote, Onsite or Offsite – depending on how urgent your job is and what the problem is.
Our technicians are very experienced, well dressed and talk to you with respect, and patiently provide you with good information so you can make the right decisions.

Available 7 Days a week, Flexible Hours
“We fix your computer problems fast so you can get on with Living”

We love to see YOU happy:

  • Experience a hassle free pick up and drop off service for offsite repairs
  • Be comfortable that the service proposed is the best solution for you
  • Trust that the problems found are simply and respectfully explained to you
  • Be confident that costs are quoted to you before we fix
  • Feel relaxed that we can conduct repairs safely at your home or office
  • Feel happy that your computer is fixed when YOU need it
  • Our FREE follow up service is available in case you need a little extra help by phone

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