North GC Business Expo on 26 August 2015

6 Tips to Exhibiting at a Trade Show

#1 Have a clear concise message and stick to it

When someone walks past your booth you need to let them know very quickly, who you are and what you do. Invest in pop-up banners that say exactly that and nothing more, the results will be outstanding when its a clear message that you convey

#2 Be available to talk

Motivate your staff to steer clear of hiding behind ipads and laptops at the conference, they are there promote your brand, and nothing is more engaging than having a chat. The investment to purchase the space on the floor plus all the other associated costs mean that you need people working hard to promote your brand and services and get the most out of the opportunity.

#3 Have a game plan

Do you have a new product that you wish to promote or a new approach to the way you do things? Write them down and make sure all parties present know what you want them to talk about to customers. A really great way to achieve this is have 3 key points you want your potential customers to walk away with after they talk to you. It will keep your team on point and concise with the delegates precious time.

#4 Talk to other exhibitors

While the delegates are listening to the latest discussion on how you’re not using social media correctly, go and talk to the other exhibitors. Chat to your competitors and find out what they have coming up, chat to your neighbours and find out if they could be interested in the services or products that you provide. There’s opportunities everywhere and assuming you are at the right conference, this should be a gold mine for you.

#5 Leave the selling for the office and network while you can

Dont try and close deals while you are there, thats best for the office. Delegates and exhibitors want to be at a conference to learn. They dont want to be sold to. Exchange business cards and have a chat about how the day went and what they learnt. Build rapport and then set up a meeting once they are in the working frame of mind.

#6 Have fun

The most important part! Enjoy the opportunity to meet new people and learn about how your industry is evolving. Relax and dont worry about what is waiting for you back at the office. The less you stress and the more fun you have, the more approachable you will be to the attendees.

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